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About Baby & Child

The cost of raising a child is great, especially when you consider the ever increasing price of basic necessities such as food, transportation and education. Plus, as well as the basics, new parents have to compete with the advertisers who are continually bombarding the young with the latest gadgets, fashions and events that they are so eager to have and take part in. Don’t worry though because we’ve got all kinds of coupons and offers that will make the task of bringing up your young that little bit easier.

For the first time mums and dads out there with newborn babies, you are probably overwhelmed by the amount of products on offer. Who knew that kids needed so much stuff? Don’t worry if you are confused as to what you should be buying for your young one because we have organised everything that you will need on this page. We’ve partnered with retailers like Paytm who have a huge selection of amazing products for diapering, feeding, bathtime, as well as speciality maternity products for the mums. Plus, be sure to check out Indiatimes Shopping for cute toys and games that will entertain your child for hours.