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About Bars & Pubs

The traditional pub has long been the firm favourite of people all across the country, when it comes to relaxing with friends after a long day at work. What could be better than raising a few glasses and conversing with like-minded people in a warm and cosy atmosphere? Today, modern bars have replaced some pubs with more trendy drinks and high quality food, which only adds to the whole experience of casual drinking and eating with friends. Here at vouchercloud we have secured some coupons that you can redeem at establishments on your area, so going out doesn’t have to break the bank.

The first pubs can be traced all the way back to the bronze age, in Great Britain, where the Anglo-Saxons created alehouses that served as meeting places for villagers and townsfolk to meet and discuss matters relating to their communities. The Romans had a lot to do with the creation of the pub too, thanks to their road networks creating a need for overnight accommodation for travellers, as well as sustenance, all across Europe.