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About Home Telephones

Although we can probably all agree that the mobile phone has long taken over from the traditional home telephone, there are many reasons why this classic version of this communication device is still very beneficial to our lives.

Firstly, a home telephone can actually be a more reliable way of communicating with people because you do not have to worry about losing signal, which is vital for when you want to connect to another device. Mobile network coverage has come a long way but it is still common for people to experience black spots when it comes to signal, even in their own homes. This means that if you choose to rely purely on your mobile phone in your home, you could be missing out on important calls, or risk cutting off the person on the other end of the phone, as you walk around your home. In contrast, a home phone is directly plugged into the telephone line so you are guaranteed a solid and reliable connection. As an added bonus, we’ve partnered with the best online retailers to get your a bunch of amazing discounts on your next order.