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About Library

Libraries have been around for a long time, providing free access to vast collections of books from all over the world, for the general public. Libraries have traditionally been the place where we improve our knowledge but they have also been sources of entertainment too, with countless novels that all tell their own stories and leave us enthralled, on offer. Today, we are still able to access libraries all over India but there are also online versions that allow us to borrow books without having to leave the home. If you have a book in mind that you would like to read, or simply want to see what is on offer, be sure to go through vouchercloud when you browse if you want to make use of our special offers.

The very first libraries can be traced all the way back to 2600 BC and were archives made up of commercial transactions and inventories, often marked on clay tablets instead of paper. Private libraries sprung up in Greece in the 5th century BC and public libraries could be found in Rome by the time of Augustus. Today, there are libraries all over the world, ranging from the Library of Congress in the USA to the National Library of India, each offering large collections of different kinds of books. Libraries, as well as acting as giant catalogues of books, are also quiet places to read, so care should be taken to maintain the peace and tranquility that can be felt in such places.