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About Museum & Art Galleries

For those times when you suddenly get the urge to soak up some history and culture, be sure to browse this page for a way to save on entry to the museum or art gallery that is next on your list to visit. Here at vouchercloud we simply love the idea of spending all day in a museum, looking at fascinating artifacts from the past and learning about our ancestors. Plus, we are equally as keen on all kinds of different art, so we’ve got you covered for the galleries too.

A museum is a place dedicated to preserving the artifacts of the past and aims to translate past events into the present, through physical objects that you can see (and sometimes touch). The first museums started as private collections of curiosities that were often started by those wealthy enough to afford to purchase and store them. Eventually, the public were given access to such collections and this is when the modern museum was born. Today, there are countless museums all over the country, just waiting to be explored.