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About Organic Produce

When people think about organic produce, they assume that they are going to cost a fortune, but the truth is that the cost of buying organic has come down drastically in recent years, making it an affordable option for most families across India. So now you can eat food that has been produced ethically and naturally, without paying over the odds. Plus, as an added bonus, you can make even more of a saving by going through vouchercloud and using one of our coupons.

Organic farming follows a mantra of conservation and ecological balance, seeking to remove artificial enhancers, such as pesticides and inorganic fertilisers, from the food supply chain. It may surprise you to learn that up until the 20th century all food was what we now consider organic because it was only then that artificial chemicals were first introduced into farming. Many people believe that this increase in efficiency and productivity of food supply caused a deficiency in the quality and nutritional value of the foods being grown, which is the main argument for eating only organic produce in the modern age. Whatever your beliefs might be, you can save when you buy organic by going through vouchercloud.