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About Pizza

The modern day pizza was invented in Naples, Italy and has been a firm favourite for food enthusiasts the world over every since. With the ability to completely customise this tasty, tomato based delicacy with various toppings, a pizza is guaranteed to never get boring. Plus, there’s no reason why you have to pay over-the-odds for your next meal because vouchercloud have a bunch of ways for you to spend less when you dine in, or order from home.

Pizza can actually be traced back further than Italy, all the way to Ancient Greece, when people first started covering their bread with herbs, oils and cheeses. The Romans were fans of eating this way too, flavouring their bread with honey and bay leaves. At some point people started using tomatoes as a base and overnight the modern pizza was born. However, we’ve definitely come a long way from those simpler times of the past, with every kind of variant imaginable, in all kinds of shapes and sizes.