From Bricks to Beauties: The Evolution of the Smartphone

From Bricks to Beauties: The Evolution of Mobile Phones

The first handheld portable cellphone call was made in April 1973 and today, forty two years later, the world awaits the latest sensation in the cellphone world – Windows 10. There are several other mobile phones, including the Samsung S6, Micromax U, Xiaomi and One Plus, which have already made a big impact in the first half of 2015.

According to an article that appeared last year on, the first ever call on a mobile phone was made by the Motorola company’s engineer Marty Cooper. The historic conversation was with Joel Engel, the head of rival research firm Bell Labs. To quote the author of that article, “And now, innovation is showing no sign of slowing down”.

The next breakthrough was SMS, which seemed to appear like magic, allowing you to send an instant text message to your friends and loved ones. There was also a sort of a celebration among cellphone users when incoming calls became free. Another benchmark was when mobile photography was introduced, as well as internet connectivity on mobile phones. Smartphones and touchscreens then completely revolutionized the industry, transforming the look, feel and functionality of the phones in our pockets. 

Check out our infographic below to see how the mobile phone has evolved over the years:

From Bricks to Beauties: The Evolution of the Smartphone