How to be the Modern Gentleman in India

The 2015 Style Guide To Be The Gentleman You Dreamt Of

Gentleman Of India

The Indian Gentleman’s outfit has undergone an evolution in the past two decades. The recent years have seen men becoming more open to experimentation, adaptation and adoption of the changing trends. Whether it is a formal day, a day of casuals, a day/night party or an occasion to wear traditional, today’s metrosexual man is well prepared with not just suitable clothes, but also footwear and other accessories matching each occasion. The urban youth, who has been exposed to this evolution from his childhood, has been quickly adopting this and the young men in smaller towns are not far behind. They too are catching the newer signals and rapidly picking up trends. Besides movies and television, the medium which is fast connecting them to the mainstream fashion is the internet. This ebook is an attempt to cash in on this medium and reach out to this customer segment providing valuable information and tips on being well-dressed to grace any occasion.

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