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About Theme Parks

For all the thrill seeking adventurers out there who want to have an amazing day out at a local theme park for less, be sure to go through vouchercloud on your way to the park. Not only will you have the time of your life riding the rails of the various rides on offer, you’ll also have more money leftover to spend on souvenirs to remind you of your action packed day out.

The theme park (or amusement park) is a relatively new invention and can be traced back to the early trailblazing parks in areas like Blackpool, England and Coney Island, USA. These were popular places by the sea that attracted large amounts of tourists during the holiday season, who were brought in on newly developed railway lines from nearby towns and cities. This sudden influx of people meant that businesses were soon booming and there was a lot of incentive to provide entertainment that would capture the value tourist dollar.